PHL 220: Aesthetics   FINAL Alternative

This alternative is ONLY for those who have indicated to me that the AIC trip is not possible. Do not choose this alternative without contacting me first!

Write a 2-3 page essay on ONE of the following questions. Submit electronically to by 1pm, Tuesday, March 15, 2011.


  1. Write an essay on the conflicts that can arise in the designing of holocaust memorials among survivors, artists and governmental authorities. Focus on the issue of representing the horror of the Holocaust. Use Young – AME 6&7  as well as Koonz – Whose Shrine, Whose Memory? [handout] and Gombrich – Artistic Representation. [handout].

  2. Write an essay on the differences in representing the destruction of the Holocaust with the issues in representing the void left by the Holocaust. [Young-At Memory’s Edge]. Be sure to cite specific memorials in each case [Warsaw -- Gerz/Hoheisel] You may include discussion of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial if that helps you.

  3. Young [In “At Memory’s Edge”] refers to Bernstein’s statement that photography is always about loss, about the absence of what was once real in front of the lens.  On p. 70 top Young discusses the role photography played in Shimon Attie’s  “The Writing on the Wall” [pp. 62-73] Write an essay about this quote, Attie’s project and use Berger’s chapter 1 in “Ways of Seeing” to help you explain what Attie was doing and what Bernstein meant.

  4. There are two major themes that can be drawn from the readings we have done on Japanese Aesthetics. 
    • One has to do with the differences between east and west on the relationship of human beings and nature [Parkes-web/Keane—Setting Stones]
    • The other on the eastern love of the incomplete, the irregular and the old and worn [Parkes-web/Keene/Keane—Setting Stones.]

          Write an essay on one of these two themes