Art Institute Assignment

Smaller Maps: 
1st floor [Asian] ~~  2nd floor [European]
  • To visit the Art Institute of Chicago on your own.
    • You can take the train from near the college -- METRA/BNSF schedule -- then walk [about 15 min] down Adams to the AIC on Michigan Ave.
    • The Art Insitute of Chicago website& visitor information
    • There is an entry feee, but there is a student rate of $7. and I think you can still pay less than that if you wish. 
  • The assignment is to relate what you see to class readings and discussions. It is better to discuss one or two points fully.
    • LENGTH: 2-3 pages, typewritten, double-spaced.
    • DUE: One week after your visit or by March 15 at the final exam, whichever is sooner.
Whichever writing option you choose
>>Please be sure to visit the following galleries: 208, 209, 107, 109.<<

Your written work is to deal with ONE of the following topics in relation to the specific galleries and works mentioned for each topic. 

1.  John Berger Ch 1 or 5.

  • Paintings in Gallery 216 [Chardin, David, Bernard, Boucher] OR
  • Paintings in Gallery 208 [Snyders, Jordaens] AND Gallery 209 ["Rembrandt" portrait, Claesz]
2.  Keene: Japanese Aesthetic [4 criteria] or Japanese aesthetic concepts 
     [online readings & Keene]
  • Galleries 107, 104, 109 [pick one gallery to do]
Another Option: John Berger: Ch 3 [Additional reading for this option]
  • Gallery 207 [Hemessen, Cranach]