THE 257: Dance History                                                          Winter 2009


The important thing to remember is that the term project is a third of the work for the course. Thus it needs to be substantial in both extent and content. 

  • The "baseline" is a 10-12 page paper, excluding end notes and bibliography
  • ALL topics must be cleared with me.
    • A project that has other components such as a presentation or other project in another format needs to fulfill the extent/content requirement. And must be cleared in detail.
    • It should also be focused -- that is; have a thesis that your research leads you to develop. 
It is a RESEARCH project. 

This means that what you do should be focused on the research you do and how you use that research in your project. You are not just repeating what you have read.

  • For example you can discuss how a work fits into a choreographer’s career, or talk about some aspect of a work in relation to the choreographer, or compare two works for style and how they fulfill a particular period’s characteristics.
  • PLEASE no biographies with a description of a work without making a connection. There has to be a REASON you are talking about your topic.
Your project must draw on 5 to 10 sources as follows: 
  • At least 3 of those sources must be non-video and non-internet. That is -- drawn from books or articles. I strongly recommend JStor for articles.
  • Internet sources must be substantial -- that is, not just a brief account or a page of pictures -- although these should be cited if helpful. 
  • Citations to the resources you consulted must be made clearly and consistently. 
    • I don’t care which format you use, but I must be able to find your citation based on the information you provide.
    • Consistency in citing matters.


  • JStor on the NCC Library site: 
    • Under “find articles” select J-Stor, then click on “choose a database”
    • And then login to search J-Stor


You may select from those below:  a choreographer, a historical look at one ballet, a comparison of two dances from different eras, or a general topic carefully narrowed
Choreographers Specific Ballet PERIODS & ISSUES
Auguste Bournonville
Marius Petipa
Lev Ivanov
Michel Fokine
George Balanchine
Antony Tudor
Agnes deMille
Mary Wigman
Martha Graham
Merce Cunningham
Alvin Ailey
Paul Taylor
Twyla Tharp
William Forsythe
Mark Morris
La Sylphide
Sleeping Beauty
Swan Lake
Rite of Spring
The Romantic Ballet
Ballet in England: 1920-39
American Ballet Theatre:  1940-45
Ballet in America:  1930-1940
Men in Dance
Noverre & Antony Tudor