THE 257: Dance History                                                Winter 2009

 F I N AL   S T U D Y   G U I D E 

The exam will consist of TWO parts:  .

  1. 10 multiple choice or true/false and/or matching questions: [5/15 pts]
    To be taken Tuesday, March 17, at 1pm
  2. Take-Home ESSAY See #2 below [10/15 pts]
    Due in hard copy only at 1pm, March 17.
What you need to know:

1.  I will expect you to be able to recognize the following people, connect them
     with their work and explain briefly why their work is important. Sources are 
     your readings, powerpoints, blackboard documents,class viewing & 

  • Serge Diaghilev and the Ballets Russe, including major works by choreographers Mikhail Fokine, Vaslav Nijinsky, Bronislava Nijinska & George Balanchine such as
    • Les Sylphides, Firebird, Petrouchka, Scheherazade, The Rite of Spring, Les Noces & Apollo. 
  • The Rise of Modern Dance including Mary Wigman, Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn
  • Doris Humphrey/Jose Limon
  • The main works of Martha Graham such as Cave of the Heart and Errand Into The Maze.
  • Ballet in America: Antony Tudor, Agnes DeMille, Jerome Robbins
  • Works such as Lilac Garden, Pillar of Fire, Fancy Free, Rodeo
  • George Balanchine: know his major works such as Serenade, Concerto Barocco, Four Temperaments and Agon and their order of creation. [not the exact dates I promise!]
  • Ballet in Europe: Frederick Ashton, Maurice Bejart, Pina Bausch.
    • Works: Symphonic Variations, La Fille Mal Gardée, Rite of Spring [Bejart & Bausch], Bolero
  • The basic style and works we saw of:
2. ESSAY: Take one of the ballets listed above in Part 1 and write an essay
   placing it in its period and comparing it to another work of your choice from 
   that period or another period. Please demonstrate familiarity with some of 
   the course readings and discussions, as well as the basic issues in doing 
   dance history.