Course Meeting Times and Dates:
6:30 - 10:30 Thursday evenings, from September 14 through November 16 (10 meetings). 
Instructor: Sally Fowler, Ph.D 
Office hours and location: TBA 
Link: Blackboard
"blind spot" paper: 25% [5-7 pages
due electronically by 10pm Tues., November 14.

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The premise of this course is that critical thinking is not just a matter of logical analysis, but necessarily includes elements of creative reflection. As a supplement to the main text, Understanding Arguments, which discusses language in terms of what language does, we will be considering various views of how creativity functions in the arts and sciences, and by extension, in thinking critically.

Robert J. Fogelin. Understanding Arguments [edition 6 or 7]
Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass [also available online]
HANDOUTS as listed in the syllabus


  • Participation: 25% [Discussions/In class exercises/General evidence of consciousness]
  • Quizzes: 20% [6 quizzes  -- available on  Blackboard]
  • 1st paper: 20% [3-4pages] due electronically by 10pm Sunday, November 5.
  • "blind spot" paper: 25% [5-7 pages] due electronically by 10pm Tues., November 14.
  • Alice presentation: 10% In class --  November 16 
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