Winter Term 2010

How to Write Papers for this Course

Third Writing Assignment

DUE:  due by Monday, March 8, 2010,  by class, 

LENGTH:  4-5  pages word processed, double-spaced, reasonable

Take the time to organize and develop your discussion.

  • Your introduction needs to state a thesis beyond saying what the assigned readings are.
  • Also be sure to explain the text you are using. If you express your opinion it must be in relation to your discussion of the text.
  • Please revise at least once before turning in your final version. 

There are 3 options:

    • You MUST clear your topic with me by Wed., March 3, 2010 at class AT THE LATEST.

    • ALL options, except #1, require you to either view a film or read one additional item cleared with me.[The additional item can be from our book.]
  1. Over the course of the term we have read a number of selections that address issues raised by the events of the Holocaust. Write a comparison using TWO of the previous selections [Colson, Styron, Hallie] and the Frankl reading, 3 readings in total. What can we learn from the texts you select about how human beings respond to the kinds of challenges the Holocaust gave to them? Be sure to form a thesis.

  3. Select a scene from a movie and explain it in terms of one of the philosophical readings.  Do not spend a lot of time on plot summary. Just say in one or two sentences “The movie is about ….”, then “The scene I will analyze is…” You can lead in more gracefully of course. You will also need to explain the philosophical concept or idea that you are using to help us understand the scene. The emphasis is on our course material.

  4. Possible Movies: Groundhog Day; The Green Mile; Sliding Doors; The Shawshank Redemption; The Matrix

  5. Writing on an author &/or theme from the course that you choose, in consultation with me.