Winter Term 2010


The exam will have two parts 

PART I: Quiz [5 pts towards final grade]

  • 10 questions covering Buddha, Camus & Sartre & comparisons with readings since the Midterm. Is posted on Blackboard. [30% of the exam grade]
  • Submit by 11:50pm, Sunday, March 14, 2010
Part II: One Essay [10 pts towards final grade
  • Will be ONE essay question to be written during our final exam period on March 15, 2010  from 10am-12noon. [70% of the exam grade]
  • There will be choice, but all questions on this study guide may not appear on the exam.
The essay part of the midterm will be during our final exam period on March 15, 2010  from 10am-12noon. 
    • No books or notes will be permitted.
    • Exam books or paper will be provided
  1. Mayo develops the distinction between saints & heroes to explain the difference between Being & Doing. [His argument is pro-Aristotle.] Explain his distinction. Then examine how his distinctions apply to ONE of the following: The bishop in the selection from Hugo's "Les Miserables", a citizen who remains in Omelas, Carter Druse ["Horseman in the Sky"] or Sophie in "Sophie's Choice"

  3. Develop an essay comparing two of Camus, Frankl and Sartre on freedom, responsibility and the importance of one's attitude. This must focus on the philosophical issues rather that the details of the Holocaust that Frankl explores.

  5. If you wrote on this question for your 3rd paper you MAY NOT choose this question!

  6. Over the course of the term we have read a number of selections that address issues raised by the events of the Holocaust. Write a comparison using ONE of the previous selections [Styron & Hallie] and the Frankl reading. What can we learn from the two texts you select about how human beings respond to the kinds of challenges the Holocaust gave to them? 
  7. First explain Nussbaum's response to terrorism, being sure to include the position she rejects. Then compare how you think either The Buddha or Kant would respond to her argument.