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ART 272-1 Midterm Study Guide   Fall Term 2007

  • In Class Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Covers Chapters 1-6 & 9. [not the intro]

Part 1:   Identification of Greek temple parts [Doric/Ionic] & Greek vase types, plus other identification and short answer questions [30 points

Part 2:   1 essay and 1 comparison [images provided] [35 pts each, 70 pts total]

ESSAYS: THREE of these questions will be on the exam. You will be asked to write on ONE of them. Thumbnails would be provided for questions 1 & 4.

  1. Compare the Egyptian Pyramid of Djoser (FIG. 3 4) with the White Temple and Ziggurat, Uruk (FIG. 2 1). In what ways are they similar? How do they differ? What was the function of each?

  3. What do art images tell us about the relative positions of Greek and Etruscan women? Select two examples from each culture to illustrate your argument.

  5. List three works that you think best represent the realistic bent of Hellenistic sculptors. What makes them good examples? 

  7. Discuss the development of pedimental sculpture from the point of view of narrative and formal cohesiveness as seen in the pediments of Corfu (FIG. 5-15), Aegina (FIGS. 5-26 to 5-28), Olympia (FIG. 5-30), and the Parthenon (FIGS. 5-46 & 5-47).
COMPARISONS: You will be given ONE of these at the exam specific images will be provided and displayed for the one chosen.
  1. Compare the Etruscan sarcophagus with the reclining couple on  FIG. 9-4 and the fresco on FIG. 9-8 with the Egyptian funerary monument from Gizeh shown on 3-13 and the Greek funerary stele on 5-55. What do these monuments  say about relationships between people in these societies as well as about their ideas toward death?

  3. I will select 3 figures to demonstrate the development of the female figure in Greek sculpture, one each from the Archaic, the Classic, and the Hellenistic periods. You will explain how each illustrates the stylistic characteristics of her period. 
Ballet Comique de la Reine - France, 1582Ballet Comique de la Reine: 1582/FranceLa Sylphide: 1832/FranceFirebird: 1910/RussianSymphonic Variations: 1946/Great BritainAureole: 1968/United StatesRite of Spring [Bausch]: 1975/Germanysetstats