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The Papyrus Scroll of Hu-nefer's Last Judgment.

Notice that the papyrus shows us multiple scenes at once, reading from left to right. In the first scene Anubis, the jackal headed god, leads Hu-nefer, dressed in a long white robe, to his judgment. The second scene then shows Anubis weighing Hu-nefer's heart on a scale against the feather of truth, while Thoth the god of scribes records the results. Just to the right of Anubis is a demon creature part crocodile, leopard and hippo who sits ready to devourer his heart if it is not pure.  As Hu-nefer's heart is true Horus, the falcon headed god, then presents him to Osiris, the judge and god of the underworld for his judgment. Hathor and Isis flank Osiris who is always shown as a mummy in white bandages with green skin. The top bar just above the judgment scene shows Hu-nefer worshiping and leaving offerings to the sitting gods.

What is amazing is that the Egyptians would give us this literal step by step portrayal of the complicated idea of Last Judgement, and indicate how it is based on the truth of your moral life on this earth.  Very few cultures in the ancient world at this time, believed in the concept of Last Judgement.  The Egyptians and the Hebrews are two cultures who document this idea.

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