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ART 272-1 FINAL Exam Study Guide   Fall Term 2007

TWO Parts

  • Exam Covers Chapters 10, 11, 12; 16; 17, 18 [through p. 506]
Part 1:   TAKE HOME ESSAY [10 pts. 2/3 of exam]

DUE: At the final exam period on Tuesday,  November 20, 2007 at 10am in STAD 220.

LENGTH: At least one full page and no more than two pages [not counting your header. Submit in hard copy ONLY.

Please do ONE of the following two options

First Option:

Explore the differences between the Romanesque and Gothic Tympana images that are linked here. 

First describe the differences using the terms and concepts learned in this course; using the general terms such as form, line, mass etc., but also include those terms specific to the architecture of the periods being discussed. Then discuss the cultural and religious reasons for those differences, focusing in the iconography Please use all terms in a manner that indicates that you understand them.

Second Option:

Compare the Pantheon [Roman] and Chartres Cathedral [French] in terms of their architectural creation of space and light. Be sure to include what in Roman architecture was new and what it made possible in building and how the Gothic architects were able to move from the heavy Romanesque to the airy tracery of the Gothic cathedral. Please use the correct terms for each of the construction types. Use your book for the appropriate images for your discussion.

Part 2:   IN CLASS during exam period [5 pts. 1/3 of exam]

  • 15 multiple choice/true-false/matching questions
  • 3 short answer [choose from 5]
Ballet Comique de la Reine - France, 1582Ballet Comique de la Reine: 1582/FranceLa Sylphide: 1832/FranceFirebird: 1910/RussianSymphonic Variations: 1946/Great BritainAureole: 1968/United StatesRite of Spring [Bausch]: 1975/Germanysetstats